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NEST GI using Green IP Analytics Solutions

Nest General Insurance, a valued customer in Weston-super-Mare, has been a steadfast supporter of Green IP for several years. They embraced our WorkAnywhere Unified Communications solutions, granting their team the flexibility to seamlessly operate, even from home.

During our recent Akixi Analytics campaign, Nest expressed keen interest in delving deeper. Eager to showcase the capabilities of Akixi, we arranged a comprehensive demonstration for them.

Witnessing the impressive functionality in action, we promptly set up management-level admin accounts for Nest, empowering them with a comprehensive view of their team's performance.

Thriving on the newfound capabilities, Nest has seamlessly integrated the functionality into their daily operations, even leveraging it to enhance their social media presence. They were kind enough to share their thoughts with us, which is detailed in the statement below.

"We integrated Green IP’s reporting system alongside our VOIP system in order to get a full picture of our business performance and identify areas of improvement.

This has worked brilliantly as we can now identify our hotspots for incoming/outgoing calls and plan accordingly to ensure the best service delivery.

We do not believe in micromanagement of each member of staff based on the number of calls they make however the overall data showed us trends in the time our advisers spent on the phone and the positive client feedback we received, this then enabled us to put into place further training and development opportunities.

An unexpected, but hugely beneficial bi-product of the reporting we now have is that it enables us to share tangible data of our service delivery for marketing purposes."

Ed Jackson, Managing Director, Nest General Insurance


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