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Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Delivering a world-class communications solution to your team

Enabling your reservations, kitchens, admin and maintenance team easily collaborate, securely.

Green IP's hosted communication solutions are ideal for
eco-conscious businesses in the hospitality sector.
By embracing cloud-based telephony and collaboration tools, hotels can cut energy usage.
Virtual meetings and digital concierge services not only improve guest experiences but also reduce reliance on physical resources, aligning with sustainability goals.

Film Production

CRM Integration

Seamless Integrations with CRM's

With integrations from our trusted technology partner, Mondago, we are able to integrate records from your CRM Database to appear on the screen of your PC as soon as the  call comes in, so important history can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Data Processing
Hide and Seek
Call Center Headset

Compliant Call Recording

Collecting conversational data and drawing actionable conclusions was once a fully manual operation. With innovative platforms like Dubber, this is no longer the case. Using modern advances in AI and other technologies, teams can develop efficient and reliable systems to analyse data down to individual calls to manage complaints as well as positive praise.

Fraud Management

Leveraging Sentry, an industry-leading fraud management solution, Green IP monitors and reports suspicious activities enabling hotels to identify and thwart attacks on their telecom systems.

 SENTRY is based on historical spending patterns and works in two stages: the first triggers alerts showing the average daily spend threshold is being breached, highlighting a potential threat of fraudulent activity or inflated call traffic.

 The second stage locks down the affected customer group by implementing an outgoing calling plan profile that disables further calls.

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