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Mayfair Members Club Deployment

Updated: May 28

A busy week for some of the Green IP team last week carrying out a successful install in the heart of Mayfair, on a well regarded private members club. 

Bidding farewell to the outdated PBX and Avaya systems, bringing them up to date with a hosted solution with SIP Yealink devices. 

We have also implemented the latest and greatest call analytics from our trusted technology partner, Akixi, to the admin team of the club, so relevant line managers can see how many calls are answered and missed, by each team member in each department. This can help train and monitor the staff and ensure customer satisfaction levels are always at the highest. It can even help to recognise where more staff may need to be deployed to certain areas of the call centre if a large volume of calls are missed, highlighting that staff cannot keep up with demand.

Unfortunately, we have no photographs from the install due to the no photography policy, however we completed the return trip back to base on fully renewable electricity thanks to bppulse rapid chargers 🌱

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