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Green IP's New Recycled Uniform

In our continued pledge to sustainability throughout the company, another exciting advancement this week is our new uniform has arrived!

Working with our local supplier, The Apparel Man, we have a range of polo shirts and fleeces, all produced from recycled materials from a sustainable source. 

When discussing the uniform with the team at Apparel Man, it was high on our list of priorities to ensure that the products selected fitted with our company ethos, and they were able provide a great selection of colours and designs, despite our niche requirements.

Our recycled workwear will be worn by the team at all future events and meetings, with the aim of provoking discussion and inspiring more businesses to follow the sustainability path we are taking. 

This is yet another meaningful reduction in our environmental efforts, with work currently progressing well with our sustainability partner. 

For regular updates on our efforts, please follow our blog.

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