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Green IP Go All Electric With New Fleet!

Green IP have taken steps for our employees commuting, as well as for when we visit our valued clients, by purchasing an all electric van! 

We are delighted with our new Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo which is hitting the road in our effort to reduce fossil fuel output with the use of petrol and diesel.

The ID Buzz has an electric range of around 250-300miles, meaning we have the ability to visit our local customers with ease, and even our customers further afield with just one charge. To support our carbon neutral ethos, the Buzz will be used for meetings and site visits, allowing us to visit without creating any greenhouse gas pollution, which is particularly important in congested cities.

Working alongside our sustainability partner, Green IP are currently calculating our CO2 output for the year, but with the introduction of an electric fleet, our output figure is set to plummet. 

Green IP are making meaningful reductions across the board within our business, including looking to renewable energy providers for our utilities bills, but this is the first step in our end goal for sustainability and beating the government target of all business being 'Net Zero' by 2050. 

If you see 'VW23 ECO' out on the roads, be sure to give us a wave! 

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