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Sustainable Energy Supply to the Green IP Offices

Powering 5 million+ UK homes and businesses, Octopus Energy are Green IP's preferred energy supplier, with award-winning 100% green electricity.

Octopus work out how much power their customers are taking out of the grid annually (a mix of power sources, from wind to fossil fuels) and ensure an equal amount of renewable energy is added into the system in its place over the year. Not only does this make Octopus customer's electricity effectively net zero – it gradually helps make the energy system greener for everyone!

For Green IP, having a supplier that shares our ethos of making reductions where possible was essential, and we are pleased to have made the switch to renewable energy. This renewable electricity is also what will charge up our electric vehicle for business mileage, and for the occasions when we do need to charge up out on the road, 1/3 of the public EV charging network is powered by Octopus.

To make the switch is easy, and in doing so will be contributing a difference to the environment. Other efforts you can make in your office spaces are :

  • Where possible leaves lights off, open blinds for natural daylight

  • If fitted, run the office with AC off, or on ECO mode

  • Turn off computers and other appliances rather than leaving them in standby

  • Turn off your PBX and outsource your communication needs to Green IP

If your ethos aligns with ours, and are looking for a greener hosted unified communications solution, get in touch with the team on

0203 375 2570 or alternatively, email

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